Comparing yourself to those around you is a trait we can probably all relate to, but here in the UK it seems to be something we do on behalf of our country, too. Whilst undoubtedly patriotic, we seem to cast a jealous eye over the rest of the globe, never satisfied with our lot. However, when it comes to Start-ups I think it's time we follow Prince Andrew's advice and be proud of what we've achieved so far. 

Rather than try to emulate Silicon Valley, we should celebrate exactly what it is that makes us different from the Californian tech hub. As Instant Impact co-Founder, Felix Mitchell, pointed out earlier this week, here in the UK we've managed to create multiple cities of innovation. From Edinburgh to Manchester, Cambridge to London, there are Start-ups springing up just about everywhere.  This level of diversity leaves us with a very exciting Start-up ecosystem indeed. 

The next step then is creating the investment structures needed to allow the most ambitious of these small companies to scale up into unicorns of the future. Our innovation, passion & entrepreneurial spirit are certainly not trailing behind the US, but perhaps our financing communities are. 

Let's stop hiding behind Silicon Valley, stand up for UK Start-ups and give them exactly what they need to grow.