Here at Instant Impact we aspire to change the way graduate recruitment is perceived – by both candidates and employers! We work for inspiring scale-up businesses that look for people to join in and make a real difference. We hand-pick our entrepreneurial graduates looking for the skills and attitudes that would make them the perfect match for the roles we are recruiting for. Since 2011 we have successfully placed over 1,000 graduates, the vast majority of which had three things in common: they were young, had 0-1 years of experience, and they were passionate about taking real responsibility.

Paddy Smith in the latest CIPD Voice issue comments on findings from research and surveys showing employers agreeing with us: employing a young, perceivable less experienced candidate is not such a gamble after all. Employers look for the right attitude, the energy and soft skills and place more value to those than the technical skills. You can’t teach an employee to care for their work, be punctual, responsible, have the desire to develop, think outside the box. You can though train the employee who has all the above on the job and give them the required technical skills they are missing. You can mentor them to reach their full potential whilst also making your business grow and flourish.

This is a match made in heaven – young graduates and entrepreneurial scale-up businesses. Watch this space as the team and I will be sharing our expertise on what those bright millennials can bring into your business, how you can keep them happy and what Instant Impact can do for you.