I find this article both interesting and frustrating. 

Equality of pay across genders is something I am incredibly passionate about and I could not be more opposed to the idea of dishing out more dough to a man for doing the same job as a woman if I tried. Seriously, ask my mother.

That said, I think it's very important to compare apples with apples and we can't expect to address the pay gap by just looking at areas of study. As Sally Hunt mentions, if we are to create change, let's look at the work being done. For example, are male Anaerobic Digestion Site Supervisors getting paid more than females doing the same job? If so, let's work out how to fix that. But to me, this article could be saying male Anaerobic Digestion Site Supervisors are paid more than female Crop Nutritionists. Both agricultural roles but not a particularly helpful conclusion.

I'm not saying there is no issue to address - of course there is - but let's break the problem down so that we can tackle it properly rather than making vague statements. Every time we have open and honest dialogue on this topic, we move closer to equal pay but articles like this don't really help us.