Hiring as a start-up business is not only an incredibly onerous task but also a daunting one. It takes time, money and resources, which at the time you probably don't have access to. However, it's worth making sure that the next person(s) you bring on board is the right fit.

Finding that correct person may involve asking for help, which you have probably done a lot of to have reached the stage where you're even considering that first hire. There are a myriad of support services out there from full-service recruitment agencies to tech talent advisories. Access to these involves a bit of research on your part and finding the one that fits you may take time but once setup it will give you the headspace to concentrate back on the no doubt mile long list of tasks you need to complete to keep your business on the straight and narrow!

Culture fit is also important. Even at this early stage, there will be hints of a culture beginning to grow. This could be defined by the offices that you work in or the way your business works (are you out and about chasing down new clients or are you tech based for instance?). The continuous development of your culture will be inextricably linked to the people you bring on board. For with them will come new ideas and new ways of working. So it's worth your time to consider the type of culture you want to develop, particularly if you have intentions to scale you business considerably. It's worth mentioning that this should be a fun process! It's one of the most exciting aspects of starting a business and will affect the kind of people and clients you win further down the line.